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Did you know:    every human being will face GOD, brought into HIS Court Room to hear their charges…

The reason Christ died and rose from the dead to live again

 was so HE would be LORD over both the dead and

the living…

so why do you judge others

we will all stand before GOD to be judged because it is written in the Scriptures:                          

‘As surely as I live,’ says The LORD,

‘Everyone will bow before ME;

everyone will say that I AM GOD.’

so each of us will have to answer to GOD!

Roman 14.9-12 [Isaiah 45.23] 

     You ask, how can I be judged if I’m dead? Inside our body is our eternal person. When our body dies this eternal person, who lives forever, will face GOD. Out eternal self will enter GOD’s Court room and hear any charges that are against us, or we will receive a crown of Glory.

HE sits on The Throne and Judges what’s right…

But The Lord rules forever.

HE sits on HIS Throne to judge,

and HE will judge the world in fairness Psalms 9.4, 7-8

The LORD looks deep inside people and searches…

HE knows what in a person…Proverbs 20.27; John 2.25

GOD is honored by all who worship HIM.

Praise the Lord! Psalms 149.9

Love Is For Eternity
New Port Richey, Florida
 L.I.F.E. Ministries is a contribution supported ministry to the hurting and those needing healing and deliverance, with special emphasis on life controlling, emotional/mental problems, and their effects upon the family.
Bob Larson


"...He has sent me to bind up and
heal the brokenhearted..." 
Isaiah 61.1; Luke 4.18,19
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